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Dry Eye

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is one of the most common eye conditions treated by eye care providers, dry eye is an irritating and sometimes painful condition in which the eye fails to properly produce enough quality tears.

Not sure if you have Dry Eye? Answer the short 5 question Dry Eye Questionnaire to find out:

TearCare®: A new dry eye treatment at our office!

The TearCare® system is a treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction that uses heat and manual manipulation to improve meibum expression. This means patients experience an improvement in their dry eye symptoms, resulting in less discomfort and an overall improved quality of life.









Other common treatments for dry eye:

  • Artificial Tears

  • Warm Compresses

  • Lid Hygiene

  • Eye Supplements

  • Steroid Eye Drops

  • Allergy Eye Drops

Ask one of our doctors what treatments would work best for you!

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