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Eye Emergencies

Eye Emergencies

Whatever your eye emergency, at Eyes & Optics you can call for a same day appointment. Many eye related visits to an urgent care or an emergency room could have been treated by an optometrist. If you’re unsure whether your symptoms constitute an emergency, call us anyway. Delaying treatment can put you at risk of serious complications that can result in vision loss.

Red Eyes

Common red eyes include: 

  • Pink eye

  • Eye allergies

  • Eye infections

  • Chemicals in the eyes

  • Foreign bodies in the eye

  • Corneal abrasions

  • Corneal ulcers

Flashes and floaters

If you are experiencing flashes of light, new floaters in your vision, or sudden vision loss, this is an eye emergency. Please call to schedule a same day appointment if you are experiencing these symptoms.


For conditions that are more serious, our doctors can make a referral to another specialist or to the emergency room.

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